Hello, Goodbye

By Randall Andreola, Managing Editor

It is a bittersweet fact that PSG members are, by design, a vanishing breed. In its brief life so far, your aptly-named Transition to Success newsletter has consistently illuminated this point. Beginning with the very first issue, we have been pleased to report substantial lists of members who have landed, even during the traditionally “slow” summer months of our first two distributions. We’ve had no shortage of available Success Stories within which we could elaborate on the various time-proven “how-tos” which, in unique combinations, have culminated in noteworthy and exciting landings. If you peruse the staff credits from issue to issue, you will notice a consistent turnover within our own Marketing Committee ranks. Three issues, three Managing Editors, two Layout Editors—the trend is immediately apparent, and the conclusion is inescapable: The PSG philosophy works.

But the system can’t work for long without a continuous restocking of our ranks with fresh recruits who are mentored, then mentors, simultaneously supported while being supportive, until the day they land. (Our first feature article illustrates this point beautifully.)

This is where you—and only you—can help. You can start by forwarding your copy of Transition to Success each month to everyone you know who is also in transition. Bring a friend to a Monday morning meeting. There is almost certainly no shortage of transitional people within your own personal sphere. With your help, PSGCNJ might become recognized as the leading force in moving folks back into the local New Jersey workforce. Who knows, that person you induct may just end up being the catalyst to your own landing!

Featured Stories In This Issue: 

“HIRED LEARNING” – PSG Member Lands Her “Dream Job” by Judy Baliman

“SPEAKER’S CORNER” – Are You Presenting or Positioning Your Career? by Rob Sullivan

“PSGCNJ EVENTS” – October 6 Job Fair Update and Reminder by Brian Parish

“INTERVIEWING INSIGHTS” – What’s Your Style? by Maureen Koenen

“BIO ALERT” – Note new e-mail address for submitting your bio!

“HEALTHY, WEALTHY & WISE” – “Ayorama” a Tip from the Eskimo by Rob Wederich

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