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Recent Landings May 2011

Our congratulations to these PSG members who have moved on. This is only a partial list: May Luann Ladley 5/2/2011 Brian Parish 5/2/2011 April Beth Colon 4/18/2011 David Glazer 4/13/2011 Valeria Hall 4/13/2011 Marvin Fields 4/11/2011 March Stanley Sikora 3/24/2011 … Continue reading

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By The Numbers

by Mary O’Connor, Managing Editor I was in a state of shock as I drove home from the office, the contents of my cubicle packed into three cardboard boxes in my trunk. As I tried to wrap my head around … Continue reading

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Hired Learning: The Value of Using Word Clouds in Your Job Search

by Julius Alberici and Curlin Beck A word cloud is a visual depiction of the frequency that words are used in a document. The words used most often are shown in larger type and sometimes in more prominent colors. Although … Continue reading

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HIRED LEARNING: Brian Parish – My Landing Was Diverted to Another Airport

by Brian Parish Two years: that’s how long I’ve been out of work. Hundreds of resumes sent out and hours upon hours of searching for that job. You know the one. The job that will make you happy, pay the … Continue reading

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PSGCNJ Events: Career Marketing Team Formed

by Bob Casar The Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey has just kicked off a new job search feature, the Career Marketing Team (CMT). This is a group of 15 to 20 individuals who come together on a regular … Continue reading

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Helpful Tips: Federal Grant Money Available

by John Phelps In response to the volatile economic conditions that are currently so pervasive throughout the country, and especially the negative impact that these conditions are having on the unemployment situation, the U.S. federal government has set up a … Continue reading

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