TRAINING CORNER: Transition Management Team…The Power of Peer Review

By Pam Williams

What is a “Transition Management Team?” TMT is a group of your peers – people seeking jobs -who work together to help each other navigate the many challenges presented in today’s job search.

TMT works together to support each other’s marketing plan by incorporating the goals of the group -providing constructive, positive feedback, helping individuals expand their job search horizons, share job ideas, practice the delivery of one’s 30 second commercial and provide any updates since the last meeting.

Each member has the opportunity to facilitate a meeting. New members are always welcomed. You can become a part of the TMT group by contacting Emmanuel “Manny” Inyang directly or simply attend a Monday morning meeting. The PSGCNJ Transition Management Team meets every second and fourth Monday of the month between 9:00am and 10:15am at the First United Methodist Church in Somerville just before the general membership meeting.

Come with your written marketing plan in hand and be ready to share. It does not have to be perfect; in fact, one of the benefits of TMT is to help improve your marketing plan.

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