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HELPFUL TIPS: Smooth out the Transition Rollercoaster

By Rick Peterson All of us have experienced the uncertainty and frustrations of career transition and the emotional rollercoaster that our current “full-time job” engenders. Some have experienced virtual rocket launches and supersonic crashes. Because we are human and have … Continue reading

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HELPFUL TIPS: Find Your Next Job on Twitter

By Ken Hitchner Twitter is an online networking event. So, join the party and find your next opportunity. You may start by creating an account at But first, here are a few tips about the culture: Be real and … Continue reading

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Committee Spotlight: Opportunity Center – Bio Blast Your Way to a Job Lead

By Julius Alberici The PSGCNJ Bio Blast helps members get job leads. On the first Thursday of each month, members’ bios are blasted to over 500 companies, many of which then interview PSGCNJ members. Pamela Williams described her Bio Blast … Continue reading

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Recent Landings November 2011

Congratulations to the PSGCNJ members who have landed. This is a partial list: 11/17 Pamela Williams, Kelly Services, L’Oreal Component Planner 10/28 Mary Moser 10/24 David Rathbun, Abbott Labs, Help Desk 10/24 Toni Maselli, Expert Plan Implementation Specialist 10/24 Renee … Continue reading

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HIRED LEARNING: What you can do

  Attend  the  Monday  10:30  AM  PSGCNJ  General  Membership  meetings  at  First  United  Methodist  Church  (Basement  Meeting  Hall),  48  West  High  Street,  Somerville.  Speakers  are  listed  in  this  newsletter  and  at  click  on  “Professional”  at  the  top  of  the  … Continue reading

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HIRED LEARNING: Laura Fields Goes the Extra Mile

By Pamela Williams After seven months, Laura Fields, a Programs and Networking Committee member, landed after literally going the extra mile. She built her successful job-search tool kit that included: · Notes from the PSGCNJ five-day training classes · Tips … Continue reading

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HIRED LEARNING: Bill Conrad – CAR Stories Make a Difference

By David Pastore After  16  months  on  the  job  hunt,  Bill  Conrad  recently  landed  a  new  position  at  EmbraceCortel. The  job  opportunity  came  to  Bill  through  a  former  colleague  with  whom  he  had  stayed  in  touch  over  the  years.  When  … Continue reading

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