HELPFUL TIPS: Video Classic: Watch Marty Latman Work the Room

By Frances Chaves

Many call Marty Latman the best networker they know. In his December 27thpresentation at the PSGCNJ General Meeting, he provided practical advice for successful self-promotion and getting the most out of networking meetings. If you missed it, view the video on the PSGCNJ website:

Marty is the chairman of the Bergen Chapter of Financial Executive Network Group (FENG), which he founded in March 2002 with 29 members. FENG-Bergen Chapter, which now numbers over 2,800, has successfully helped more than 550 members find gainful employment. He is also the chairman of NJ Strategic Executive Networking Group (NJSENG), a Financial Executive International (FEI) member, and a member of more than 20 other career networking groups. He has spoken at FEI, Financial Planning Association of NJ (FPANJ), Media Communication Association – International (MCA-I), Career Networking Group (CNG) and others.

Visit Marty at:

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