Welcome to New Newsletter Format

By Frances Chaves, Managing Editor

Welcome to the June issue of “Transition to Success,” the Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey’s newsletter.

As you know, as of May 25th the New Jersey Department of Labor has put the PSGs on hiatus, to be replaced by Jersey Job Clubs. But no matter what the future holds for PSGCNJ, we members need to keep on searching for jobs.

Which is why the Marketing Committee will continue publishing “Transition to Success:” to provide you with up-to-date information on job search techniques; the lessons learned by PSGCNJ members who have landed; social media job search strategies; summaries of Monday morning speakers’ presentations; best practices for consulting; and much more.

In fact, we have improved “Transition to Success.” This is the first issue to be published in a flexible blog format which allows us to communicate with you more frequently and allows you to search back issues by topic. This newsletter is a virtual encyclopedia of job search techniques and the success stories of PSGCNJ members who have landed. We encourage you to make use of this valuable resource.

Communication will be critical in keeping us informed and involved through PSGCNJ’s transition. Our mission is to support you through your transition, so it’s business as usual with the Marketing Committee!

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