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Taking a Break from Transition

By Frances Chaves As I write this note to my fellow PSGCNJ members, I am sitting by the pool at my mother-in-law’s condo on Tybee Island, Georgia. It’s not what it seems—this is the only place I can pick up … Continue reading

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HIRED LEARNING: Gregory Brothers – “PSG gave me hope and support”

By Cynthia Lewis Greg Brothers started with Staples as a Facilities Supply Specialist on January 16, 2012, after being in transition for 27 months. A member of the Training Committee who worked on the Job Fairs, Greg had some great … Continue reading

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SPEAKER’S CORNER: Donald Truss – “The Turn,” Subliminal Selling Skills for Successful Interviewing

by Donald Truss “I believe that if an appropriate experiment could be devised, it could be proven that no buying decision has ever been made based solely on the facts.” The Interview… A Mysterious and Imperfect Process! The interview is … Continue reading

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TIPS: Free Online Education

A revolution in education is taking place, involving the country’s top universities and the latest Internet technology. PSGCNJ members can take advantage of this to improve their skills and learn new ones, and best of all, it’s FREE! The largest … Continue reading

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Urgent Plea to All PSGCNJ Members

Dear PSGCNJ Members (Prospective, Current and Old), Following are excerpts from the Hired Learning stories we published the last two months. If you look closely, you will see a theme running in the comments made by PSGCNJ members who have … Continue reading

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HIRED LEARNING: Dana Vavrova’s Persistence leads to Success

By Kam Minhas There is nothing more rewarding than closing a marketing committee meeting and seeing a member take a call to accept a job offer and glow in elation, relief, and tears of joy. To witness this is to … Continue reading

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SPEAKER’S CORNER: Sam Velu – Social Media Tools to make it Easier for Job Seekers

By Sam Velu A Job Seeker’s daily routine: Looking at job boards, social media, email, mail, smart phone, and then attending all the NETWORKING events—all of which feel like a big black hole. A Recruiter or HR person’s routine:  Looks … Continue reading

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HIRED LEARNING: Simon Stark Says Network

By Pamela Williams Networking, Networking, Networking. Today’s job market requires one to use many job strategies to land a next opportunity. Networking is one of the strategies. At first, some of us maybe a little skeptical because we do not … Continue reading

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SPEAKER’S CORNER: Diana Gáler on Transforming Your Career from Misery to Happiness

By Sonny Palko Dr. Diana Gáler, Career Transformation Coach and President of Gáler Coaching for Excellence, spoke at the June 4 PSGCNJ general meeting.  Describing her intriguing personal career transformation story, she explained how from scientist, researcher, and pharmaceutical industry executive, she … Continue reading

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Consulting Tips: Tax Implications for the Self-Employed

By Frances Chaves The self-employed, according to the IRS, are people whose earnings come from work done on their own, rather than as an employee of a company. In most cases, the clients of the self-employed do not withhold taxes … Continue reading

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