TIPS: LinkedIn – Find Out How and When You Connected with Someone

By David Pastore

Ever look at one of your connections and wonder where you met and how you know him or her? There’s an easy way to find that out in LinkedIn:

  1. Go to your Inbox.

2.  In the Search window (top right corner), type the person’s first and last name in quotes.

3.  Click the magnifying glass icon that’s on the right side of that window.

4.  Once you find their name on the list, click on the “join my network” link, and you’ll see the original invitation.

5.  If you customized the original invitation – a best practice to help someone know who you are when you send an invite – you’ll be able to read how you were originally connected.

In addition to always customizing your invitations so the recipient knows how you met each other, it’s always best to use the LinkedIn “notes” section and input your own comment on how you met.

  1. Once your invitation has been accepted, go to that person’s profile. In the right hand column, scroll down until you see the “notes” section.
  1. From here, write a few words that will enable you to always know how you met; e.g., “Met Dave at the MarCom event in Florham Park, July 2012”

See “notes” section example below:

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1 Response to TIPS: LinkedIn – Find Out How and When You Connected with Someone

  1. Edward F. Flores, MBA says:

    This is very helpful, thank you!

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