VIDEO VAULT: Tommy Hilcken’s Course in Happiness

By Sonny Palko

Feeling overwhelmed by your job search efforts? Motivational entertainment from one of PSGCNJ’s Media Library video presentations can help. Among the many wonderful and practical “Land that job; perfect that resume; ace that interview” videos, you will also find a number of entertaining presentations.

Motivational Entertainer and Life Success Consultant Tommy Hilcken’s October 2010 presentation is a great example. With a lot of humor and a little bit of magic, Hilcken led PSGCNJ members in “A Course in Happiness,” reminding members that attitude and the way we think about things are keys to our career (and personal) successes.

Hilcken asks: “Is your cup half full? Half empty? Or, have you ever thought that either way, you still have a cup?!”

Hilcken’s timeless answer: “A change in your thinking will, inevitably, change your results.”

Take in more of Tommy Hilcken’s entertaining presentation A Course in Happiness or visit the PSGCNJ Media Library and peruse the many titles for something that may entertain (and motivate) you.

Click here for more information about Tommy Hilcken.

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