TIPS: Help PSGCNJ Save You Money AND Help It Prosper

By David Pastore

Now that we’re no longer a part of the DOL, PSGCNJ must raise much needed funds. We need revenue to gain official non-profit designation, for collateral materials, and, maybe most importantly, liability insurance to ensure having a venue in which to meet every week.

We’re offering the very popular Entertainment Books at a discounted price of $30, from which we will get a commission on every sale.

You can purchase from any of 140 cities in their directory (the Somerville/Hillsborough area is the Middlesex-Central NJ/ book which covers Somerset, Hunterdon, Middlesex and Southern Union Counties). Coupons are valid right now thru November 1, 2013. 

The book pays for itself!

And it’s as easy as accessing this link:

Please do two things:

1)       Purchase a book for yourself

2)   Copy and paste the link and e-mail it to your friends, relatives and neighbors. Each book we sell gets us closer to being an even better resource for your job search and career enhancement.

Thank you for Helping PSGCNJ Save You Money AND Helping It Prosper by supporting the Entertainment Book Fundraiser!


David Pastore
Entertainment Book Chairperson

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