MEMBER PROFILE: Barry Jacobsen

Barry Jacobsen is a valuable member of PSGCNJ as he serves diligently on two committees. He is a trainer on the Training Committee and serves on our Technology committee. He is the one to thank for bringing all the presentation equipment each week and for storing it in his home.  Barry sets up the laptop for our pre-meeting slides and for use by our guest speakers. He also brings the amplifier so that the presenters are heard properly and edits the videos for our media library. He has been an outstanding member of our community and we thank him for all his efforts and dedication.

Name: Barry Jacobsen

Resides: Branchburg

Interests: Video editing, film to DVD transfer, home repair, Golden Age of TV historian, riding trains

Favorite Musician or Artist: Rogers & Hammerstein

Favorite Restaurant: Thai Kitchen

Favorite Quote: In about four billion years the earth will implode so nothing here really matters in the long run; well maybe it does for the next few years anyway.   (I made it up)

Fun Fact: A human interest story in 2000 made the front page of the NY Times related to television memorabilia from the “Golden Age of TV” that I stored in a theatrical building closet in NYC in 1981. The stuff remained untouched until it was accidently discovered some 20 years later. The following Sunday a second article was published in the NY Times about that closet and my connection to it.

Profession: Health Insurance Business Analyst

Special Skills: Health Insurance (Healthcare) Claims Business Analyst, Consultant and Subject Matter Expert (SME). Over 15 years demonstrating superior skills by analyzing, eliciting, and evaluating stakeholder health insurance benefits into sound and easily understood functional specifications specific to Medical, Dental and Disability payer side claims processing software adjudication systems.

Adept at ensuring overall business requirements are implemented on time and within budget. Keen understanding of claim processing adjudication. Innate talent for nurturing collaborative relationships with stakeholders in client facing roles.

Last Employer: Beacon Technologies

Seeking: Health Insurance Business Analyst positions

Three Target Companies: Horizon BCBSNJ, McKesson, Inc, United Healthcare

PSGCNJ Committee/Title: Trainer, Technology Committee Member for Video Editing

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