EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR REPORT: PSGCNJ’s LinkedIn campaign drives record traffic

By Kenneth Hitchner kenhitchnerpix

The PSGCNJ Marketing Committee recently completed its first social media campaign that resulted in record-breaking traffic on its website and blog

Aimed at creating brand awareness without a budget, the Marketing team published 20 job-search tips on its blog over 20 consecutive business days. Then, ten staff members targeted 50+ New Jersey-centric LinkedIn groups and promoted each tip.

Consequently, website traffic increased in views (+18%) and unique visitors (+ 6 %) to record levels. Signaling a stronger level of interest, the average visitor viewed 37 % more pages and spent 4 % more time on the site, compared to the second-busiest month in PSGCNJ history, which occurred around its job fair in March 2012.

Regarding its blog, PSGCNJ posted record readership during its social media campaign as views increased 35 % over its former high in August 2012. In fact, three of the four campaign weeks set new records in views.

To date, the most popular job-search tips follow: #18, #7 and #15.

The Marketing staff plans to expand its social media campaign in the first quarter of 2013 with help from Members At-Large and other committee members.

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