PSGCNJ MEMBERS RECOMMEND: ACT Training – Worth its Weight in GOLD!

By Kim Lazaruskim lazarus

Wow! I just received the BEST transition training I have ever had, compared to any outplacement service.  And I gained new PSGCNJ friends in the process! The Training Team was a group of professionals sharing great “real world” advice and recommendations on introductions, resumes, CAR stories and everything on the way to getting a job offer. Building on the backgrounds of class participants, they made the two and a half days of learning fun and educationally relevant. The PSGCNJ ACT training is a perfect continuous learning environment.

I discovered the benefit of our elevator speeches, a great opener that we practiced daily and greatly improved. Two things that I did not know before and will use going forward are: 1) great new ways to look at LinkedIn including writing a better headline; and 2) the CAR story—Challenge, Action, Result. I learned how to create a story for all of my key resume accomplishments. I plan to use these in all my interviews.

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