More Than Half of PSGCNJ Members Land Twice as Fast as America

From Staff ReportsPSGCNJ MEMBERSHIP Committee

More than half of PSGCNJ “landed” members have gone back to work in fewer than 26 weeks, which is twice as fast as the rest of the United States during the worst recession of our lifetime.

An exhaustive research project recently uncovered that 54% of PSGCNJ’s “landed” members went back into the workforce in fewer than 26 weeks after joining the organization. In addition, 65% of members landed in fewer than 39 weeks. The historic project studied results from 426 unemployed individuals who went back to work from June 30, 2008 through April 29, 2013.

“We always knew that the PSGCNJ program, which features job-search training and workplace development, helped our mature professionals and skilled-worker members,” said PSGCNJ Executive Director Kenneth Hitchner. “Thanks to our talented in-house data experts, we can now substantiate all those smiles with meaningful numbers.”

The research project also revealed that 70% of its 1,100 members live in Somerset County as of year-end 2012. The organization’s weekly meetings are held on Mondays at 10:30 a.m. at First United Methodist Church at 48 West High Street in Somerville, N.J.

You can view the “Unemployed White Collar Workers in Central NJ Help Each Other FInd Work” video here: link


PSGCNJ is an independent employment community that puts unemployed professionals back to work through educational programs, networking, support, and employer-outreach services. Currently, the nonprofit is awaiting tax-exempt status from the federal government.

PSGCNJ separated from the N.J. Department of Labor on May 25, 2012, when $900,000 worth of statewide funding was cut for all 11 PSG chapters. Today’s independent PSGCNJ operates on a $5,400 annual budget.

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