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Six Social Media Tools You Are Not Using — But Should

By John Patten Sure, you’ve got your LinkedIn page fully up-to-date and your blog is posted — but are you really taking advantage of all of the free features available on social media sites to enhance your job search? Many … Continue reading

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PSGCNJ Job-Search Tip #27 video

By Kenneth Hitchner  Looking for your next job? Are you networking with business owners who need talent? We understand. You have questions and the Professional Service Group of Central New Jersey (PSGCNJ) wants to do its part by sharing its … Continue reading

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Sign up for Librarian by Appointment for job research needs

By Barbara Perone If you need in-depth consultation or one-on-one help to work on something – say your job search – you can always schedule an appointment with a Reference Librarian at the Princeton Public Library. To use the free … Continue reading

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By Pamela Williams and Stuart Rosenberg What is TMT? Glad you asked! TMT is the Transitional Management Team of PSGCNJ.  PSGCNJ members Debbie Hixon and Rosalie Engel have reactivated the Transition Management Team (TMT) to help other members develop and … Continue reading

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Resume Tips: Free Online Service to Determine Hot Key Words

By Luann Ladley We’ve all heard or read about trying to get as many keywords into our resumes as possible to aid in getting our resumes past computer software screening programs. Here’s a great and FUN way to tease out … Continue reading

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New Tools for your Job Search Arsenal

By Rick Verbanas, Managing Editor Greetings, PSGCNJ Members! If your job search is resulting in multiple offers, you can skip this issue. If not, get out of your comfort zone and add some tools to your arsenal. This issue is … Continue reading

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The PSGCNJ Promise: It Works If You Work It

By Frances Chaves, Managing Editor Just  how  does  one  sell  oneself,  the  fundamental  task involved in successfully landing? When  I  searched  online  for  “How  to  Sell  Yourself,”  I  got 280,000,000  results!  I  can  find  my own  way through  that mess … Continue reading

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