PSGCNJ Meeting for April 2 CANCELLED

Due to the weather, the PSGCNJ 10:30 meeting for April 2 is cancelled.

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Pizza with a Purpose: CPK To Donate 20% to PSGCNJ April 16

CPK Flyer header

California Pizza Kitchen at the Bridgewater Commons is helping us once again with an all-day fundraiser on April 16. Bring a copy of this flyer and present it to your server (or cashier for take-out orders), and CPK will donate 20% of the check to us!

Note that there are two vouchers in the document; each patron can only use one.

A bunch of us are planning to do lunch at CPK, but the offer is good from 11AM – 9PM, so send the flyer to everyone you know! Thank you.

— David Milkes

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Sharpen Your Interviewing Skills, March 26

On March 26, join the Training Committee as it offers you a fun and interactive opportunity to enhance your ability to answer the “tough” interview questions. This session will incorporate a Speed Networking activity. So bring your CAR stories and get ready to share them as you answer thought-provoking interview questions.

Great interviewing skills are a key component in your journey towards obtaining an offer of employment whether for a full-time position or a contract “gig”. They ensure you can clearly and concisely communicate the knowledge, skills and abilities you can contribute to future employers.

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4 Points of Connection: Public Speaking Workshops

Presenting with confidence is about being in touch with your inner self. Acknowledging your feelings and thoughts and managing self-judgement and anxiety, facilitate being fully present in the moment and communicating at your best. Connection with your Inner Self is one of the 4 strategic elements that will be part of Eileen Sinett’s upcoming class. Mark your calendars to come and learn the keys to successful public speaking and satisfying presentation performance.

  • Your personal investment is $495.00
  • 4-session program from 6:45 -9:00 pm on April 4, 11, 18, 25, 2018
  • Full-day program will be held from 9:30 am-4:30 pm on May 12, 2018
  • For details click here.

— David Milkes

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Shop at Amazon, Give Back to PSGCNJ! Triple the Amount this Month!

PSG of Central New Jersey has joined the popular program Amazon Smile. Whenever you place an order at Amazon, a portion of the total goes to PSGCNJ to fund our activities to help each other transition.

Since we are new to the program, from today until March 31, Amazon will give back 1.5% of your first purchase. After that, they will give back only 0.5%.

Click here to connect your Amazon account to Amazon Smile and enable donations to go to PSGCNJ.

— David Milkes

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Upcoming PSGCNJ Presentation: What to do When you can’t do What you used to do

On March 5, we welcome back our friend David Schuchman to present his talk, “What to do When you can’t do What you used to do”.

It may be that your former job function or industry has changed and requires professional skills you do not have. Or, you cannot keep up with the physical rigors of your old job. In these cases, you may not easily be able to find the job that you have previously done for so long. This program examines why you can’t do what you used to do, and discusses ways to leverage your professional expertise in order to move forward in your career.

David Schuchman is an active leader in the job seeker support community. He is the current Executive Chair of the Professional Service Group of Mercer County and a co-facilitator for New Jersey Job Seekers in Princeton, NJ. 

Professionally, David is an Information Technology services, training, and management consultant with his own company, Princeton Technology Advisors, LLC.

In David’s blog, TechTopics4U, he shares his opinions with readers on a variety of technology & management topics. In addition, David provides IT training classes in email marketing, blogging and social media, and he offers individual training on a variety of IT subjects.

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“What They Never Taught You in College” Presentation by Mark Beal

On February 20, PSGCNJ had the pleasure of having Mark Beal give his “What They Never Taught You in College” presentation to everyone.

He started off by talking about how he went on the PSGCNJ website before he came on Monday, and what struck him was the mission of the organization, which was to provide job seekers opportunities with encouragement, empowerment, education and inspiration to advance their careers.

Mark then spent some time talking about some lessons that were in the book he wrote called 101 Lessons They Never Taught You In College:

  • We should create our own path and figure out where we want to go. Set your own rules and go places no one has ever gone before. Do something non-traditional to get there.
  • Don’t follow the rules…transform the way you’re networking and meeting people. Companies will continue to value employees who transform.
  • We should work hard to meet people and keep finding ways to engage others. After all, it costs nothing to start a conversation.
  • Don’t stop networking. Mark is a big believer in cup of coffee meetings, for example. He said we’re hardwired to want to help each other.
  • Anything is possible.
  • What is your passion? Is there an industry, category, or brand that you’re really passionate about? Whatever it is, there are opportunities there.
  • Try something for the first time. Whatever it might be, there are ways to try new things to solve that riddle you’re trying to solve.
  • Face your fears. Unlock the brain and think what’s a different way around something.
  • Be a student for life. We’re all trying to learn from each other and grab insights. We should create our own syllabus to get us where we want to go.

He ended the presentation by saying the lessons are meant to inspire. They’re meant to shift the thinking a little bit.

— Melanie Chima


Mark Beal is an adjunct professor in the School of Communication at Rutgers University, and also managing partner of New York-based Taylor, one of the world’s leading consumer and sports PR firms. You can find him on Twitter.







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